Every year, Cor Cantiamo offers an amazing opportunity for students auditioning for the ILMEA District 8 Senior Chorus. The annual District 8 Audition Workshop gives students an opportunity to practice and refine all the skills needed to pass the very selective ILMEA audition process. Cor Cantiamo is happy to offer this workshop as part of our educational mission to promote the creation, performance, and appreciation of choral music in young singers.

Our one-day workshop offers guidance, constructive criticism, skill refining and encouragement. The workshop includes a rehearsal of the District 8 music with the Cor Cantiamo ensemble, sectionals with our professional singers, and additional help with scales, triads and sight-singing. Most importantly, each participant has the opportunity to run through a full mock audition modeled after District 8’s process.

The last workshop was on September 29, 2018 and was a great success. We had 30 students register, and had a lot of positive feedback from the students and directors afterwards. They appreciated the time and care that our choir members took with each student, both in auditions and in the help sessions.

We look forward to doing it again next year!



Cor Cantiamo established this educational outreach program to introduce aspiring High School Singers to choral & orchestral masterworks in a professional setting. Earlier this year, (April 2018), Cor Cantiamo worked with the Vernon Hills High School Choir and the Adlai Stevenson High School Choir. Coming up next spring (February 24, 2019), Cor Cantiamo will be working with the Oak Lawn Community High School Choir and the Alan B. Shepard High School Choir. (See more details on our EVENTS page).

During the project the High School Choir has the opportunity to rehearse and perform side by side with the professional singers of Cor Cantiamo. During the rehearsal process members of Cor Cantiamo provide individualized mentoring of the high school students, regarding all matters ranging from rehearsal etiquette to life as a professional singer. The final outcome of the project is a performance of a great choral work presented by the combined forces of Cor Cantiamo and the High School choir.

If you are interested in engaging your High School singers in a concert project with a professional vocal ensemble or are interested in setting up a clinic with our Artistic Director, please contact Dr. Eric Johnson at:

Masterworks Rehearsal